About the Property

The World's First Popsicle Farm

From Crop to Pop

Nick and Steven Carse, founders of King of Pops in Atlanta, GA purchased the property in 2014 with the intention of creating the world's first popsicle farm: a large scale effort to source local, organic produce to use in the making of their now iconic pops.  By following their product from crop to pop, they knew that they ensure the quality pops with innovative flavors and maintain their dedication to responsibly grown ingredients from Georgia farms.  Their vision for the farm continues to expand, with new projects creating an example of how business and environmental stewardship can benefit from one another. 


New Beginnings

The property was once another iconic local business: Daniel's Nursery.  We are constantly working to repurpose and revitalize land that was once used for a very different type of operation- a large scale, conventional wholesale nursery.  We respect the land and those that came before us, and work to provide the same positive influence in our local community. 


Good Vibes Only

As part of the King of Pops family, and standing under that famous rainbow umbrella, we want to spread those good vibes.  That means we that we want to be a positive part of the community- providing excellent experiences with our staff, at our markets, and at our nursery.   Providing fresh food, plants, and, of course, our pops to our neighbors really makes our day, and we hope it makes yours too!


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