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Straight from our farm to your table.

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No More "What do I do with this?" Feelings

We give you the ingredients you need for a seasonal salad plus a few fun extras.  You won't be cooking Kohlrabi for days- or trying to figure out what to do with that mystery veggie from last week. 


You Decide How You Want It

We have multiple portion sizes to choose from, so if you are an individual you won't be getting more than you can use, or if you have a large family, not getting enough.  We have other local artisanal products you can add, or maybe you will want to add a dozen of our farm fresh eggs, too!  You can even add a bouquet of flowers picked out here on the farm, and brought into town for you.  And going to be out of town? That is not a problem either!  You can put holds on your account so you are not wasting your food and money. 


Convenient Pick Up Locations

With four pick up locations, we make easy to swing by and pick up your salad.  Just stop by any one of these locations:

Ponce City Farmers Market- Tuesdays 4-8 pm

King of Pops Inman Park Window - Tuesdays 4-8 pm

Brookhaven Farmers Market- Sat. 9 am - 12 pm

The Nursery at King of Crops - Sat. 9 am - 4 pm

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