King of Crops loves volunteers and welcomes them to the farm.  Learn more about volunteering below.


Why We Love Our Volunteers

King of Crops farm is a total of 67 acres with about 5 acres in cultivation.  What does that really mean?  I means a LOT of work!  We have a small staff and a lot of space to cover, so volunteers are always welcome.  Reasonable accommodations can be made for all volunteers, so don't be afraid to come out and get your hands dirty with us!

Do you have a big group that needs a volunteer project?  Come out and see us on the farm!  We will put you all to work, and even share a pop with your afterwards.  Volunteering at King of Crops is great for youth groups, agricultural groups, garden clubs, church groups, and school groups!




I need more info!

For more information on volunteering, our practices, or policies, please contact us.  We are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have or address any concerns that arise.  Click the button below to be taken to our contact page.  Simply fill out the contact form and someone will back to you as soon as possible.