The Nursery at King of Crops

Native and Edible Plants for Home and Garden

HOURS: Friday 12 pm - 4 pm, Saturday 9 am - 4 pm, and Sunday 12pm - 4 pm




A Different Kind of Nursery

The Nursery at King of Crops is unlike many of your typical nurseries.  While you won't find roses, tea olives, or boxwoods, what you will find is a selection of plants native to Georgia that are suited to the climate, take less maintenance, and will add beauty to any of your landscaping projects.  In addition, you will find fruits, vegetable transplants, herbs, and other uncommon edibles to make your home garden a productive and edible landscape for years to come.

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Why Natives?

What is a native plant, you may ask?  Native plants are species that have been occupying Georgia's soil for quite some time- the plants have developed here and grown here for many years.  Because of this other plant species, animals, and fungi have co-evolved with these plants and many of these other creatures depend on native plants to survive.  Native plants act as food sources and habitat, and support the pollinators that we need to make our farm successful as well as all the farms in west Georgia and beyond.  King of Crops is dedicated to the environment around us and wants to encourage responsible stewardship of the land that we all depend on- and we think providing a resource for purchasing native plants is a very good way start. 

If you would like more information on native plants, come out and visit the nursery or give us a call at 470-243-1339 to be connected to our Nursery Manager.  You can also visit the Georgia Native Plant Society's website


Why Edibles?

As the world changes and more people occupy this planet, creating food landscapes will be an important part of sustaining the environment around us and we the people who live here.  Creating a food garden at your home means reaping the benefits of a healthy food source,  and eating food that just tastes better too- would you rather eat a strawberry that was picked half ripe in California or ripe berry from your backyard? Adding food plants to your home and garden creates a productive space that also reduces the maintenance that a lawn would take: this in turn reduces the amount money and time you would have spent mowing, fertilizing, and watering your yard. King of Crops grows our transplants for you in the best way we know how, using high quality seed from trusted sources, without the use of synthetic pesticides, fungicides or fertilizers.  

Visit the nursery, or give us a call at 470-243-1339 to speak with our Nursery Manager about our edible offerings.